Welcome to the 2024 Introduction to Fusion Energy and Plasma Physics Course

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During the weeks of June 10th-21st 2024, PPPL will virtually host an intensive course on plasma physics and fusion energy sciences, taught by world renowned scientists from various national and international institutions. The course is targeted at undergraduate students interested in plasma physics and fusion energy science and is open to public at large.

Registration is free and participants that attend the full course will receive a certificate of completion.

The introductory course will be fully conducted via Zoom, and in half-day sessions (12PM-5PM ET) in order to accomodate various time zones.

The content will reflect the broad research under the Fusion Energy Sciences and Plasma Physics umbrella, including discovery plasma sciences, magnetic fusion energy, fusion materials and technology and high energy density plasmas.

Live Streaming

The entire course will be streamed live, recorded, and uploaded on this site and available regardless of enrollment status.

Due to the public nature of this event, all participants and speakers are asked to abide by a code of conduct.


The course agenda is currently being developed. To get a sense of the speakers and talks please refer to our past courses, e.g. the 2023 edition.