Thursday Seminar Series

Throughout the summer term, distinguished speakers will give presentations about plasma science, technology, PPPL, graduate school, etc. These talks are held on Thursdays, 9:50am-11am unless noted otherwise according to the schedule below. This schedule is being updated so check back before the talks.

6/20/19 Stephane Ethier Introduction to Parallel Computing B318
6/20/19 Arturo Dominguez (@11am-12m optional) Continuation of plasma intro talk B318
6/27/19 Francesca Poli Modeling a tokamak from A to Z (pptx) B318
7/11/19 Rajesh Maingi Principles of Magnetic Confinement Fusion, including Auxiliary Heating Methods and Spectroscopic Diagnosis (pptx) B318
7/16/19 Rajesh Maingi Plasma Exhaust via a Magnetic Divertor (pptx) B318
7/18/19 Jacob Schwartz and Andy Alt Mathematica tutorial B318
7/25/19 Jose Lopez Emerging Field of Plasma Agriculture B318
8/1/19 Graduate Students Graduate Student Panel B318
8/8/19 Erik Gilson No, not that MRI, the other MRI B318