Welcome to the 2021 PPPL Summer Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) page

This is a resource to learn about the work done by the 2021 PPPL summer SULI interns. Here you can also find the lectures from the introductory fusion energy and plasma physics course.

Summer Projects

Each student will work with a mentor to develop a project suitable for the summer timeframe. Here you can find the description of their projects as well as a link to their presentations.

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Intro Course

During the weeks of June 14th-25th 2021, the students will participate in an intensive introduction to fusion energy and plasma physics course. The lectures will be given remotely by plasma scientists from different institutions throughout the country. Here you can view the lectures streamed live and afterwards find the slides of the presentations as well as the recorded lectures.

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Thursday Talks

During the summer term, distinguished speakers will give talks on a topic related to plasmas, PPPL, graduate school, etc. The talks are Thursday morning and the schedule can be found below.

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Internships at PPPL

Interested in doing an internship at PPPL? There are many opportunities for undergraduate, community college and high school students to work at PPPL around the school year. Find out how you can join us.

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